The Sri Lanka College of Cardiology came into being after an informal meeting at the residence of Dr. G. R. Handy in 1969. Those present were Dr. N. J. Walloopillai, Dr.Theva A.Buell, Dr. S. J. Stephen and Dr. A. T. W. P. Jayawardene. Dr. Handy was elected as the first president and held office till 1972 when Dr. Walloopillai took over.


On 1st April 1972 with Dr. Walloopillai in the chair the SLCC was officially formed at the Navarangahala Hall.

Registered as Company

In 1988 SLCC was registered as a Company when the following served as subscribers

  • Dr. N. J. Walloopillai
  • Dr. S. J. Stephen
  • Dr. U. D. Wijayawardene
  • Dr. K. A. T. W. P. Jayawardene
  • Dr. Z. M. A.Cader
  • Dr. T. A. Buell
  • Mr. A. C. Wijenathan

First Annual Academic Sessions

The association held its first Annual Academic Sessions this year marking the beginning of a yearly academic event which would represent the apex meeting in cardiology in Sri Lanka in the years to come

First SIM

First Sri Lanka Intervention Meeting (SIM) was held in March 2013 – adding a new flagship program to the academic calendar of the association

Founded in 1969, the Sri Lanka College of Cardiology today is a member of the World Heart Federation (WHF) and the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (APSC). It is also one of the founder members of the SAARC Cardiac Society.

With a history of more than 40 years; an active council comprising senior most Cardiologists in the country; and an equally active membership, today it has become the main gathering point for the Cardiologists of the country with the aim of further enhancing their professional knowledge while informing the public about cardiovascular health.

Annual SLCC Scientific Session is a main academic event annually which are well patronized by both local and overseas cardiologists alike.

The Sri Lanka College of Cardiology is an Approved Charity ref. Government gazette of 2- March 1973 of section 16A, ACF No.6 1963.